– 2024 –

July 2024 – Congratulation to Abdelkader on the publication of his first-authored paper in PNAS. On track for a successful PhD defence! Thanks to our collaborators Pr. Patrick Lagüe and Pr. Elodie Boisselier from Université Laval.

February 2024 – Our structure-function study on the HpaA adhesin from the bacterial pathogen Helicobacter pylori is now accessible in open access in mBio. Congrats to Cyrielle for her first-authored article, and kudos to the entire team for their collaborative efforts.

– 2023 –

December 2023 – Congratulation to Mariem on the successful completion of her Ph.D, passed with an excellent distinction!

September 2023 – Abdelkader was selected to present its work on outer-membrane biogenesis at the BISP symposium held at the UdeM.

February 2023 – Congratulations to Cyrielle for solving her second ectodomain/nanobody complex at the CLS CMCF beamline

January 2023 – New year’s resolution; let’s begin updating the Calmettes lab webpage